The Dunford House of Plagues
















The following information is shared not to complain but in an attempt to quantify and record the unprecedented plagues that affected the Dunford house beginning December 21, 2014 through the latter part of January 2015. After the flu passed and the lice hit, we had to laugh or we might have cried. So grateful to bid those four weeks and our lice friends good bye and good riddance.

Lice: 4 out of 6 heads infested (names withheld for obvious reasons)

Influenza: 2 of 6 persons

Flu: 4 of 6 persons

Sinus Infection: 3 of 6 persons

Flu strikes again: 2 of 6 persons

Inner Ear Infection: 1 of 6 persons

Acromioclavicular Sprain (ligaments connecting collar bone to shoulder torn) while attempting a ski jump at Alta. 4-6 weeks in a sling with months of PT hoping to avoid surgery: 1 of 6 persons

Hoping you are not familiar with the lice and nit comb featured in the above picture which is now all too familiar in the Dunford house. A special thank you to Annette and Douglas Dunford who did not throw us out of their home where we were staying when the aforementioned plagues occurred.

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