Monthly Archives: April 2008

New York, NY

Big Apple tour ’08. We had a great time exploring the big city when Emily came out to perform in her big BYU senior show in downtown NYC. So happy to be with Emily, Brian, Oma and Liz’s cousins Jared, Ruth and Abby Sine. Liz and Ella extended their stay for a few days thanks to the Sine’s wonderful hospitality. Mike and Stewart had to get back to Boston for school, but we’ll be back soon to explore some more.

Pink Pinkies

Pink! Ella gets the professional spa treatment from her mother including having her nails painted with her favorite color. She sat perfectly still and watched with great interest as Liz worked away. When her nails were dry, she looked up and said excitedly, “When Stewie gets home he’s going to love these fingernails.” She proudly showed them off for several weeks to anyone who would listen.