Monthly Archives: June 2010

Tiny Dancer, Ella Sophia

Ella Sophia delightfully tapped danced her first recital while her family couldn’t stop smiling. She loved wearing her costume, make-up and performing on a huge stage. Lizzy had so much fun putting mascara on E’s touch-the-moon eyelashes.

Some recent charmers said by Ella Sophia:

She described how the Holy Ghost works to comfort her: “The Holy Ghost goes into my body and scoops up the bad stuff.”

On Father’s Day she explained to Stewart why she didn’t get up to help make Daddy’s surprise breakfast: “I always wake up late because I have wonderful dreams. There were bracelets that were blue and you could flap and fly with them without having wings.”

Stewart’s Third Grade Celebration

Stewart celebrates his final days of third grade. He worked so hard and had a great year. He constantly shares his fabulous education with his family at home. He is shown above with his teacher, Ms. Lawton and good friend Michael. Thomas entertains some of Stewart’s classmates.

A recent Stewart funny:
There isn’t a question that I ask Opa that he can’t answer. I don’t know any body that knows more history than Opa and me.