Monthly Archives: December 2009

Christmas lights at Temple Square and Lovies

We reunited with the Matsons on Temple Square. It had been almost 14 months since we last saw them—too long. We hadn’t met James yet and actually just met Nora days before when the Blewitts arrived. Oh the fun of nieces and nephews—so much squishiness. We took our traditional family photo on the Square in front of the huge tree, lit with red lights. Oma got lovingly attacked by all of her former sister missionaries.

We took some quick family shots at the Capitol while waiting for the photographer to capture the entire Stewart Family. Everyone was in town (even the Whittakers from Germany). Lizzy finally got an updated shot with her parents.

Bear Lake with Oma, Opa and Blewitt’s

No snow at Beaver Mountain didn’t stop the fun
Maddox and seeing loads of big hair
Stewart’s disappearing roll/corn pone skills
Chocolate tools
Opa singing Passing Policeman to Thomas
Hot tub and snow roll dares
Utah State Creamery and cheese curds
Sleeping in while grandparents fed the little ones
Oma patiently teaching checkers to Ella Sophia and Stewart
Laughing a lot