Monthly Archives: October 2008

Lighthouse Beach, Chatham

We spent General Conference weekend in Provincetown with Grandma Dunford. There is nothing like a Grandma’s love.

Looking at Massachusetts on a map, Provincetown is the very tip of Cape Cod. Provincetown has more art galleries than fudge shops and that’s saying something. We made sure to appreciate both sufficiently.

Chatham (also on the Cape) was an especially good find. Our first impression as we drove into the town: brightly colored chairs hanging from a cedar-shingled garden house was a foreshadow of more charm to come.

We did a photo shoot of the little ones on Light House Beach. The seamless meshing of three vibrant colors: ocean blue, green grass and golden sand was breathtaking. Constant Thomas at five weeks was unconventionally upset for the photo shoot. E and S tried out their soothing skills on their brother.