Monthly Archives: January 2008

Stewart’s First Piano Recital

Stewart is thriving at the piano. Just after two months he was confidently playing 10 songs. He lit up the other day when he discovered that the songs he already knew could be played in different keys.

We encourage him to explore beyond his assigned songs when he practices and he has since written and recorded his first composition. Mike helped Stewart and Ella record surprise musical birthday gifts for Liz (click below). She said it was her favorite gift ever.

Click to hear Stewart and Ella

Stewart’s music explorations haven’t stopped with the piano keys. We laughed to find him foregoing the keys and playing his songs by pushing the hammers. He climbed inside our upright piano to accomplish this feat (See footage below filmed without his knowledge). A former music professor and friend of Liz’s, Dr. Margaret Rorke commented “John Cage would certainly have enjoyed Stewart’s approach to the piano!”

Costa Rica

Some trip highlights:
Rattled windows from brief earthquake
Ella’s three-stitches-in-the-forehead souvenir
Manuel Antonio National Park
Snorkeling (first time for Stew)
Huge iguanas and colorful birds everywhere
Lush rain forest green
Listening to jungle sounds
Undistracted playtime/exploring with children