Monthly Archives: September 2007

Summer Potpourri

Stewart loves Tennis!

Irish Music Festival in Canton, Ma. The talent we most sought were harpists and headliner Nancy Griffith. We were not disappointed with the plethora of talent found at the festival. Great music to get up and do a jig to.

I caught Becky cleaning my bathrooms while visiting. No Becky No! At least she had hired some slave labor to help her.

Nantucket and Hyannis, MA

Liz and Mike swam, ran, and rode their first triathlon in Cape Cod. Atlantic white caps were daunting, but surprisingly warm thanks to the Gulf Stream. Such beautifully distracting scenery along the race–probably why we didn’t come in first. Ha! Or the fact that we were two of about a handful in a race of 800 people that had mountain bikes instead of sleek road bikes. “Passing on your left!” became comically familiar.

We were happy and thankful to have Becky and Jonah on the trip with us. Another first were the fried clams at the waterfront clam shack with relative Tom Jones. “Bellies of the clam” was supposed to be a selling point, but turned Liz’s belly over. She enjoyed nonetheless. Even Stew and Ella Sophia were poppin’ em like they was candy.

Ferry trip to the island of Nantucket. The island had a feeling of stepping back and away from Boston’s familiar hustle and bustle. Cobblestone streets, century-old storefronts, and an off season quiet combined to give us the feeling of going back a few generations. Sankaty Point was breathtaking. Grassy green fields contrasting with solid blue skies/ocean and white sand.