Monthly Archives: August 2007

Wingaersheek beach in Gloucester, MA

Beautiful beach day with cousins Christy and Eva who introduced us to Wingaersheek beach. Clear cool water, powdery soft sand, shore rocks to climb on and explore, long gently sloping sand bar, tide pools and a lighthouse in the distance makes this a perfect beach (especially with little ones). Great place to dig for clams. We even saw a man in full scuba gear diving for lobster near by.

Ella Sophia and her cousin Eva made us laugh by feeding each other snacks. Eva continued by force feeding Christy.

Witch in the family, Marblehead’s Devereaux beach and Whale Watching with Elizabeth Wilcox

Apparently there is a witch in the family. Not just any witch but the first woman to be accused and hung is Mike’s 9th great grandmother, Bridget Bishop. The town of Salem routinely puts on a play in which her trial is re-enacted based on court transcripts from the 1690’s. The above picture is taken with the woman who plays the part of Bridget Bishop.

It was such a treat to have cousin Elizabeth Wilcox visit. We enjoyed the splendors of a whale watch, moody and misty Devereaux beach at sundown and some family history action in Salem.